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Leadlight Options

Suit your style with a range of glass types and lead finishes

Here you'll find a number of additional options available to you when choosing your leadlight design, that can help you match your home & decor.


Blackened Lead

Blackened lead (finished in patina or graphite)

Silver Lead

Modern silver look (cleaned with flux)

Copper Lead

Copper tone lead (finished in patina)

Cathederal Glass

Standard obscured glass.
Available in 3mm-5mm and toughen

Spotswood Glass

Generally used in bathrooms.
Available in 3mm-5mm and toughened

Gluechip Glass

More expensive.
Available in 3mm-5mm

Leadlight Maintenance

Before staining the glass, a graphite or patina finish is applied to add gloss and colour (usually black) on the lead and after application will take a few months to cure. This does not require further attention and will cure naturally over time.

Magic Leadlight pieces require very little mainenance although it is very important when cleaning your leadlight that no alcohol based cleaning agents are used as this can effect the resin that colours your glass. Detergents and chemicals can deteriorate the lead polish and should be avoided. We recommend that you clean your leadlight with a wet cloth or GHS glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

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