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Welcome to Magic Leadlight

Magic Leadlight is a family owned business with 30 years experience, dedicated to delivering work of the highest quality. You can choose from one of our many designs or we can custom design leadlight for your sidelights, doors, windows & skylights.

About us

Magic Leadlight overlay products are the most innovative alternative to traditional leadlight and stained glass in Adelaide & offer a unique freedom to complement, enhance or beautify your home or business with exclusive designer glass. Choose a leadlight design from our library or we can work together to create a custom design which can be applied to windows, doors, cabinets, & skylights.

We also do kitchens, light boxes & one-off specialty leadlights. From traditional to contemporary, Magic Leadlight can custom build a look that will add value & style to your home for years to come.

Add value, add style...add security

Whether building or renovating, make first impressions count with a designer door surround, or let light in with one of our stunning leadlight skylights.

Magic Leadlight sidelights, doors & windows are manufactured using adhesive backed lead overlay on a single sheet of toughened safety glass, offering superior security & durability over traditionally built headlight. Click the link below to find out more.
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We think you'll be pleasantly surprised when comparing costs with traditional leadlight. So contact us today to find out more about adding value & style to your home at an affordable price. If you still have any doubts about whether or not Magic Leadlight is the right choice, why not check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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